Choose the way
you stay

Choose the way you stay

The Hotel & Wellness Co seeks to redefine the customer experience through a unique model that offers a ‘new form stay’; shedding the notion of serviced accommodation in hotels and apartments and rethinking what product features are offered and the way in which they are structured, thereby giving you, our guest, greater flexibility, value and more of a say.

We operate with a simple philosophy: 
Think Different. Be Better.

We recognise there is a significant shift away from the conventions of a star-system wedding
to amenity and guest services that are not always of value to you, our guest. Our emphasis
is therefore placed on shifting the attribution of value at two levels:

The convenience of irreplaceable locations with amazing amenity
in the ‘locale’ curated for you, embedded in the guest experience.

Provision of central hubs around which guests can ‘live, work and play’,
with a broad offer of ‘on-demand services and amenities’ that suits your needs.

We have three core verticals; being Convenience (serviced apartments done better, done different), Porter Club (new form stays for the ‘work from anywhere economy’), wellness (coming soon).